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AIG Industrial Gas Distributors LTD.

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AIG International Gas Distributors Ltd is the ONLY Jamaican-owned full-service producer of industrial gasses in Jamaica. We produce Oxygen (medical & industrial) and Nitrogen cryogenically and supply all other forms of industrial and specialty gases to the Jamaican market.

In taking on the current gas monopoly locally, AIG has finally brought competitive pricing and great customer service to all Jamaicans. With that, a dream finally comes to realization.  With AIG’s best in class pricing and service, we are excited to help our customers achieve great things.

Our Pledge:  AIG Gives Back:

AIG plans to create and endow a charity that gives back 2% of our profits to help create and help maintain citizen-focused parks in all of the cities and towns in which we operate, right here in Jamaica.  Please contact AIG to get your designated park or park idea on the list for consideration.

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AIG Industrial Gas

AIG is now taking orders for Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Acetylene & Other gasses.  Just give us a call.

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