AIG Industrial Gas Distributors Ltd

AIG Industrial Gas Distributors LTD.

About Us

We have the Experience:

More than 75 years of Combined Jamaican Gas Expertise

More than 25 years of Silicon Valley Technology Experience

Our Team Members

G. Reid

President & CEO

G. Beck

VP, Strategic Business Development

J. Gregory

VP Technology & Engineering

M. Nelson

VP Sales & Operations

W. Frater

VP. Sales & Marketing

A. Simmons

Dir. Supply Chain

D. Hamilton

Dir. Finance

Our Mission

Produce Locally
Enrich Jamaicans

AIG International Gas Distributors

AIG is the only Jamaican-owned full-service producer of industrial and specialty  gasses in Jamaica.  Our goal is to manufacture and distribute industrial gasses right here in Jamaica and to diversify the Jamaican owned sources of this critical input. 


Our love for recreation has led us to the decision to create and maintain local parks for all Jamaicans to enjoy free of charge.  This is what “AIG Gives Back” is all about.  We plan to create and endow a charity that gives two percent of our profits back to communities. We encourage other corporations, NGOs and governmental agencies to join us in this effort.

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